What it’s really like to trek the Kodachadri hills

March 14, 2018
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The raw beauty of the hills, lush green valleys, the adventurous trek, the amazing waterfall, & the freshness of the air, everything make Kodachadri an exquisite affair with nature.

Nestled amidst the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kodachadri stands at an height of 1343 meters above sea level & is the 10th highest peak in Karnataka. The trek trail comprises of everything that a nature lover can ask for from dense jungle trails and a beautiful waterfall to lush green meadows and scenic landscapes. Here’s an attempt to give you a glimpse of how a trek to the beautiful Kodachadri will be like,

The starting point of the trek is the jeep stand at the base. You’ll have to walk for around 20 minutes starting from here in the jeep track itself till you find a deviation to the right from where the trek trail takes you into a forest patch where you’ll have to cross a small stream. Continue on this path till the jungle ends and you’ll find a small meadow from where you can see beautiful views of the surrounding hills. Just after you cross this meadow you’ll find a petty shop where you can have buttermilk to quench your thirst. This initial part of the trek is a cake walk compared to what lies ahead.

Once you move ahead of the small shop you’ll see paddy fields spread across a vast area with a small hill in the backdrop. You’ll have to walk among these fields and take a left where you’ll see a small stream flowing. This stream is formed by the water coming from the Hidlumane falls which lies a few minutes away from here.

Hidlumane falls is the main attraction of the trek & the sheer joy of standing under the chilled water of this falls makes the trek worth the effort.

After taking a dip in the water here & enjoying in the waters to your heart’s content, it’s time to continue the trek. You still got to cover a lot of distance. The path gets steeper after the falls & few might feel that this part of the trek from here till the jeep track is a challenging one. But, the views you get to see on this stretch are absolutely amazing. After the falls you need to cross a forest patch, and grasslands with a few up & downs, at the end of which you’ll sight the jeep track. Just a few minutes of walk from here, you’ll find a stream and you can rest for a while & have lunch somewhere near it.

And, the climb from this stream to the jeep track should take you hardly a few minutes after being re-energized by the lunch & the brief rest. You’ll have to continue on the jeep track till you find the PWD guest house & the peak is just 2 kms from here, which will take around 40 minutes to climb. It’ll probably be time for the sun to set by the time you reach the peak. The sunset you get to see from the peak is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Enjoy the views, get back till the PWD guest house, from where you can come back to the base taking a jeep ride. And, the experience of the jeep ride on the bumpy paths of the hill is a story for another time!

Kodachadri is among the most famous trekking destinations of Karnataka & one which is relished by many trekkers because of its poised beauty. The photos tell only part of the story. The only way to know how this amazing trek will be like is to experience it for yourself.

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