What it’s like hiking Hutridurga in 10 beautiful photos

Hutridurga, also known as Uttari betta, is a relatively underexplored one day hiking destination just around 65 km from Bengaluru. The picturesque trail and the sparse ruins of the 16th century fort make this place an irresistible place for those who enjoy hiking.

Here is what a hike to Hutridurga looks like in 10 beautiful photos-

Hikers on the Hutridurga hiking trail
Hikers on the Hutridurga hiking trail
Hutridurga fort
One of the many entrances of the fort you’ll find along the trail
Steps carved on the Hutridurga trekking trail
Steps carved on the rock where the path is relatively steep
At the starting of the Hutridurga trek
Huge rocks along the way

Adjacent hillock you'll see on the Hutridurga trek

View of the adjacent hillock
A reptile near the Shankereshwara temple at Hutridurga
Wildlife 😛
Hutridurga in monsoons
As green as it can get 🙂

16th century ruins you'll find at Hutridurga

Ruins you’ll find near the temple at the top
Shankereshwara temple at Hutridurga
Shankareshwara temple- the major pit-stop on your way to Hutridurga peak
Trekkers descending at the Hutridurga trail
Trekkers descending the trail

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