What it’s like hiking Chennagiri in 10 beautiful photos

Chennagiri is a part of the Nandi hills range near Chikkaballapur. The hiking trail starts at the lake at the base of the hill and takes you through arid shrub forests & rocky terrains before ending at the temple on the peak of the hill. The view of the surrounding hills from the peak is glorious.

Situated at a distance of around 60 km from Bangalore, it makes for a perfect weekend trekking destination near the city & is one of the best one day treks near Bangalore.

Here’s what a hike to Chennagiri looks like in 10 beautiful photos,

Chennagiri hills
At the base of Chennagiri hills.
Lake near Chennagiri hills
Lake at the starting point of the Chennagiri trek.
The rocky terrain of Chennagiri hills.
This is how beautiful Chennagiri looks in monsoons.
View along the hiking trail.
View of the lake from the trekking trail.
When you are almost near the peak.
Trekkers ascending Chennagiri hill
Trekkers ascending Chennagiri hill.
It ain’t as difficult to climb as you imagine it to be. 😛
The peak of Chennagiri hills
At the peak of Chennagiri hills.

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