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The trekking scene in Bangalore has picked up pace in the past few years with many trekking destinations like Hutridurga hill, Madhugiri fort, Saavanadurga hill, Kunti Betta, Skandagiri, Makalidurga...

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Trekking Places Near Bangalore

Bangalore along with the tags of IT city & garden city is also well-known for trekking & adventure activities with many hills within a close proximity of the city in the neighbouring districts of Tumkur, Ramanagara, Chikkaballapur & Kolar. Also, most of the places in western ghats where trekking can be done are just an overnight journey away from Bangalore. There are numerous trekking clubs & groups organising  & promoting weekend treks from Bangalore to different places in western ghats like Kodachadri, Kumara parvatha, Kudremukha, Gokarna, Coorg, Agumbe, etc & also to  trekking destinations close-by Bangalore like Skandagiri, Uttari Betta, Channagiri, Madhugiri, etc. Also, the people looking to getaway from the stress of the city-life are these days opting to go on treks & camping where they can get up-close with the nature instead of going on regular & mainstream vacations. Because of all these reasons trekking in Bangalore has become one of the most favourite weekend activity for the youngsters of the city.


Check out this list of some of the most popular & also not-so-popular treks to go on from Bangalore & choose where you are going for your next trek. 

Skandagiri also known as Kalvaradurga is a trekking destination near Bangalore that will woo you just with the view of the sunrise from its peak. Trekking up the Skandagiri hill for the view of sunrise is one of the must-do activities if you are in Bangalore & like going on treks, because it's simply beautiful. It is just 70 km away from Bangalore & is a part of the Nandi hills range. The trek trail starts from a village named Kalvara at the base of the hill, hence the name Kalvaradurga. There is also a temple at the base of the hill known as 'Paapagni Mutt & it is said to be one of oldest mutts in Karnataka. The hill also holds the ruins of a fort said to be built by Tippu Sultan to fight against the British. The total trek distance of Skandagiri trek is around 6-7 km & requires no prior trekking or hiking experience. Trekkers have to take prior permission from the forest department to go on this trek.

The first thing to pop-up in most of the folks mind when thinking of a weekend trekking getaway from Bangalore are places like Nandi Hills, Skandagiri, Saavanadurga etc. But, there are of course other beautiful trekking places near Bangalore that are not much explored & are still devoid of the mass tourists.  If you are the kind of person who wants to be away from the crowded destinations & like hiking in a place with very less people & noise, then Uttari betta also known as Hutridurga is a place tailor-made for you. Situated around 65 km from Bangalore near the town of Magadi, Uttari betta is relatively less known to people. In fact, if you are not actively engaged in the trekking community of Bangalore, you might have not heard about Uttari betta at all. With just 5km trek length, it is an easy trek to do but is one of the most picturesque hills around Bangalore. The hill brims with greenery & it is a delightful experience to go for a trek during the monsoons. The highlights of this trek are the Shankareshwara temple on the hill & the ruins of the fort said to be built by Kempegowda in the 16th century. Hutridurga/ Uttari Betta trek is one of our favourite weekend treks to do from Bangalore.


Madhugiri is famed for being the second largest monolith in Asia after Saavandurga & is often hiked by western tourists who are interested in adventure,  visiting Bangalore. Madhugiri in Kannada, the local language here means 'Hill of honey' & is called so because of huge number of beehives that were present in the hill in the past. It is a place of interest for history buffs as well as the hill has the ruins of a centuries old fort. The fort is said to built by Raja Hiragowda in the 17th century & has three gateways- antaralada baagilu, diddibaagilu & Mysore gate which lead to the peak. There is also a ruined Gopalakrishna temple at peak. It is completely dilapidated &  is now used for resting by the trekkers. With an altitude of 3930 feet, the hill offers some amazing views of the surrounding landscape & other hills around.  Most of the hills has a rocky terrain & is best avoided during the monsoons as there are chances of slipping. With the beautiful views it has to offer & its historical importance, it is one of the best one day treks near Bangalore.


Kunti Betta is a small hill with an altitude of 2882 feet near Pandavapura town in Mandya district. It is at a distance of around 130 km from Bangalore & 33 km from Mysore. Legend says that the Pandavas stayed here for a short period during their exile of 14 years & the hill was a favourite spot of their mother Kunti. Also, the place has served as the camping ground for the french military when they were here to help Tippu Sultan fight the British. And, the french had named this place as 'French Rocks'. The trek to Kunti Betta is a short one with a distance of just 4 to5 km up & down. It hardly takes an hour to climb the hill.The highlights of this trek include the temple & reservoir at the base, stone pillar at the summit & the mesmerising view of the hill with the backdrop of a lake.  Given how much time of our lives most of us spend in hectic schedules & in the middle of bustling cities, a  weekend getaway to Kunti Betta would that much needed & refreshing break. 


Maakalidurga is a hill around 60 km away from Bangalore. It is located near a village of the same name which is en route from Doddaballapur to Gauribidanur. It has emerged to be one of the most popular trekking places near Bangalore in recent times, thanks to the many trekking clubs in Bangalore who promote the trek to Maaklidurga. The hill has a fort & a Shiva temple at its summit. The trek to Maakalidurga is known to be the closest railway trek near Bangalore as a railway line passes just adjacent to the hill & many trekkers choose to start the trek from Maakalidurga railway station which is about 2 km before the start of the actual trek trail. This trek require permission from the Karnataka forest department & night trekking is strictly prohibited at this hill. The other nearby place to visit is Ghati Subramanya which is just 4 km away from Maakalidurga. Being very close to Bangalore & with other beautiful places to explore nearby Maakalidurga is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore.


6. Antaragange Trek

Antaragange located around 70 km from Bangalore near the town of Kolar is famous for night trekking & cave exploration. There is a temple of Lord Shiva which is popularly known as 'Dakshina Kaashi' & you'll have to climb around 400 stairs to reach this temple from the base of the hill. There is also a reservoir with Nandi statue in it & spring water flows out of this Nandi statues mouth throughout the year. It is said to be a subterranean spring & hence the name ''Antaragange'. The actual trek starts after the temple & the stretch from here till the peak gives some amazing adventure opportunities with all the huge boulders lying around. The caves formed by the huge boulders here make for an excellent opportunity for cave exploration & also the peak offers beautiful views of the surrounding fields. With all this, Antaragange trek is an apt choice for a quick weekend trek near Bangalore. The other places of interest near by are Kotilingeshwara temple & Bangaru Tirupati.

Saavandurga is the largest monolith of Asia at the height of 1227 meters. It is around 60 km away from Bangalore & is said to be one of the most challenging hills to trek near Bangalore. Saavandurga is formed by two hillocks- Karigudda & Biligudda. Climbing Karigudda is more challenging than climbing Biligudda as the former is much more steeper than the later. The view of river Arkavathi which flows through Thippagondanahalli reservoir to Manchanabele dam is a treat to the eyes. Saavandurga is among one of the most popular trekking destinations along with places like Skandagiri, Antaragange & Kunti Betta and is a must-do trek near Bangalore. The total takes takes around 5-6 hours to complete.


8. Ramanagara Hills Trek 

Ramanagara hills which is also popular as Sholay hills because of the blockbuster movie Sholay which was shot here, is one of the favourite destinations for adventure activities to Bangaloreans. Apart from trekking there are also other activities like rappelling, rock climbing, camping, bird-watching that can be done here. Legend says that Lord Rama had visited this place & hence the name of the hill Ramadevara betta. There is also a temple of Rama atop the hill. It is a relatively easy trek to do & can be completed in a very short time. However, it is best to do the trek early in the morning as it'll be tough to climb the hill with the sun over your head. The other places of interest near Ramanagara hills are the vulture sanctuary, SRS hills & Janapada Loka. 


9. Hanuman Betta Trek 

Ramanagara hills which is also popular as Sholay hills because of the blockbuster movie Sholay which was shot here, is one of the favourite destinations for adventure activities to Bangaloreans. Apart from trekking there are also other activities like rappelling, rock climbing, camping, bird-watching that can be done here. Legend says that Lord Rama had visited this place & hence the name of the hill Ramadevara betta. There is also a temple of Rama atop the hill. It is a relatively easy trek to do & can be completed in a very short time. However, it is best to do the trek early in the morning as it'll be tough to climb the hill with the sun over your head. The other places of interest near Ramanagara hills are the vulture sanctuary, SRS hills & Janapada Loka. 


10. Kabbaldurga Trek

Kabbaldurga is a well-known as a night trekking destination in the trekking community of Bangalore.  Located near the village of Kabbalu in Kanakapura taluk, the hill has the ruins of an old fort and a temple dedicated to goddess Kabalamma. Many people from across the state come to this temple for pilgrimage. With an altitude of around 3600 ft, Kabbaldurga makes for perfect weekend getaway near Bangalore for those seeking a challenging trek to do. The steep slopes on 3 sides of the hill make it difficult for climbers to hike up the hill on those sides. The other side of the hill which is used by the trekkers has inclinations of 40° for most part and 60° at few places. It is around 80 km away from Bangalore & 19 km away from Kanakapura, the nearest town. The other places of interest near Kabbaldurga are Muthathi & Chunchi falls.

11. Nijagal Betta Trek

Nijagal betta which is around 80 km from Bangalore and 18 km from Tumkur is often overlooked as a trekking destination. The hill has a temple and a Darga atop it which are  frequented by people from the surrounding villages. You can also see ruins of an old fort which was built by  Chikkadevaraja Wodeyar, a ruler of the Mysore kingdom. TIt is also said that a battle was fought here between Hyder Ali and the Maratha ruler Peshwa Madhavrao. Don't be fooled by the easy climb to the summit of this hill, the views are still as good as other hills around Bangalore. The view of the surrounding landscape with the Bangalore-Tumkur highway and the villages around from the summit is a one not be missed. Even Shivaganga hills can be viewed from the peak of the hill. The other places of interest near Nijagal betta are Shivaganga hills, Mandaragiri hills & jain temple, Devarayanadurga.


12. Nandi Hills Trek

Nandi hills is a place that needs no introduction if you are from Bangalore. If you are living in Bangalore chances are, you'd have visited Nandi hills at least once. It is the most popular weekend destination near Bangalore & every weekend hoards of people throng to Nandi hills to catch a view of the sun rise from atop this hill. Vehciles can go almost till the top of the hill. But, there is also a trekking path to the peak of Nandi hills which most of the folk are unaware of. It starts from Sultanpet and takes you to the Tippu summer house atop the hill. All you have do is ask around the villagers and they can guide you to the trek path which starts from Sultanpet. It will take you around 1.5 hours to reach the peak if you hike at a moderate pace. The other places you visit nearby are Bhoga Nandishwara temple at Nandi village, Avala Betta & Skandagiri.


13. SRS Hills Trek

Shri Revanasiddeshwara Betta popularly known as SRS hills is located around 60 km from Bangalore and is more popular as pilgrimage place than it is as trekking destination. The deity at the temple at the peak, Shri Revanasiddeshwara is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There are also two other temples at the base where Renukamba & Bheemeshwara are worshipped. The trek is an easy one to do and you can reach the peak of the hill in around 45 minutes if you walk at a steady pace. The peak offers panaromic view of the surroundings and it's a delight to watch the nearby lake known as Devarakere from the summit. And also, along with the cave temple of Shri Revanasiddeshwara there are also two mantapas known as Rudramuneshwara mantapa & Siddaraameshwara mantapa at the peak. SRS hills trek is the best one day trek to do near Bangalore if you are beginner. 


14. Channarayanadurga Trek

Channarayanadurga trek easily passes for one of the best weekend treks to go from Bangalore. Located around 100 km from Bangalore, Channarayanadurga is a hill fort near Koratagere town of Tumkur district. With an elevation of around 3800 feet, this gigantic hill offers the trekkers one of the most adventurous treks one can ask for in this region. The fort on this hill was originally built by Channappa Gowda, a feudal ruler of the region in the 17th century. Since then the fort has been occupied and ruled by many different rulers like the Marathas, the Mysore Wodeyars and even the British. The trek path starts at the village at the base of the hill and takes you along a few false peaks before you reach the actual peak. The other place of interest near Channarayanadurga is Madhugiri which is a mere 10 km away. In fact, Madhugiri hill can be seen from the top of Channarayanadurga. 


While hiking Hulukadi betta is an act of pilgrimage for some, the sheer beauty of nature surrounding the hill & the adventure the hill offers are reason enough for many. Situated just around 70 km away from Bangalore, Hulukadi betta is a perfect weekend trekking destination for hiking-lovers in Bangalore. But, it is also one of the least explored hills for trekking. Most of the times it is just the pilgrims who come to visit the Veerabhadraswamy temple on top of the hill that you find here. This temple has an interesting mythological story behind it. The legend says that Lord Veerabhadra & Lord Narasimha fought to stay at this place & Lord Narasimha had to move to a place now located in Andhra Pradesh after Lord Veerabhadra won the fight. There are also ruins of watch towers & fort walls built by the Chola kings here. The trek path starts on the eastern side of the hill where there is a lake & ends on the temple on the other side of the hill making Hulukadi betta trek one of the very few cross-treks to do near Bangalore.


16. Bilkal Rangaswamy Betta Trek

Bilkal Rangaswamy Betta also known as Bilkal betta locally is a beautiful place to go trekking on a weekend from Bangalore. It is just 75 km away from Bangalore & is easily accessible via road. It can be reached either from Kanakapura road or Bangalore-Mysore highway. The trek path starts from a small village named Konala doddi & ends at the temple at the summit. The temple dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy is under a huge white rock & hence the name 'Bilkal' which translates to 'White Rock'. The trek takes around 4-5 hours to complete & is a moderate level trek which can done beginners too. Hills like Kabbaladurga & Savandurga can be seen from the peak of Bilkal Rangaswamy Betta which make for a scenic view. 

17. Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari which is around 100 km from Bangalore is one of the best places to visit on a weekend. It is not just a good place to go on treks but it also offers other adventure activities like coracle ride, fishing etc. There are a few nature camps set up & run by the Karnataka state government along the river bank where one can register for the activities and also opt to stay at the camping site. Just a few kilometers away from Muthathi state forest, Bheemeshwari is a place that offers ample oppurtunities for trekking and hiking along the hills & river side. To put it in simple words, it is one of the best places near Bangalore for trekking & camping. The other places to visit near Bheemeshwari are Muthathi, Sangama & Mekedaatu.


18. Narayanagiri Trek

Narayanagiri is a hillock located near Jalamangala village of Ramanagara. It is around 60 km from Bangalore and 17 km from Ramanagara town. The hill has a temple of Lakshmi Narayana at the peak and hence the name Narayanagiri. It is another monolith apart from Savandurga & Madhugiri in which is not much known among the trekking community of Bangalore, unlike the latter two. Not many trekking groups in Bangalore arrange treks to Narayanagiri too. So, it still remains one of the few trekking places near Bangalore where you enjoy some solitude. You can find many caves along the trek path while you trek up this hill. The trek is a moderate one to do & you can reach the peak in 1-1.5 hours at a normal hiking pace. The other places that can be visited near Nararayangiri are Manchanabele dam, Ramanagara hills/Sholay hills & Big Banyan tree (Dodda Aalada Mara).


19. Shivaganga Hills Trek

Shivaganga hills known famously as Shivagange betta locally is a popular trekking & also pilgrimage place near Bangalore. It is around 50 km from Bangalore & 26 km from Tumkur. Being a religiously significant place in the vicinity of Bangalore & Tumkur, Shivaganga hills attracts hoards of visitors from all across the region throughout the year. There are many temples & statues throughout the hill and the main temple is the Gavi-Gangadareshwara temple at the peak. It is a cave temple & hence the name ('Gavi' in Kannada means cave). It is also known as 'Dakshina Kaashi'. The other attractions at the hill are the giant Nandi statues, Olakallu theertha which is a natural spring & Shantala drop point. It is a moderate level trek to do near Bangalore & has railings for support for most part of the trek. The other places to visit near Shivaganga hills are Mandaragiri, Nijagal betta & Devarayanadurga.


20. Maari Betta Trek

Maari Betta also known as Bananthi Maari Betta is a hillock near Kanakapura town. At an altitude of 1226 meters the summit of this hill offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Just around 65 km from Bangalore and being an easy trek to do, Maari betta trek is a good weekend trek to do near Bangalore for beginners over a weekend. There isa temple of a local deity 'Bananthi Maaramma at the base of the hill and hence the name ' Bananthi Maari Betta'.The other places of interest nearby are Kabbaladurga, Pyramid Valley & Art of living aashram.

21. Ramadevara Betta Trek

Do not confuse this hill for the Ramanagara hills/Sholay hills. Ramadevara betta is another hill with a similar name but which is near Kyatsandra of Tumkur. The trek trail to this hill starts at Siddaganga Mutta which a is a very popular religious & charitable institution near Tumkur. The place is very popular among both the locals & outsiders alike & hence is usually crowded on all dayss of the week. But very few people opt to go up the hill and hence the trek route will not be much crowded. You can find many huge boulders, caves & temples as you trek up the hill. The other places to visit near Ramadevara betta are Mandaragiri hill & Jain temple, Devarayanadurga & Shivaganga hills.

22. Nandidurga/ Horagina Betta Trek

Nandidurga which is better known as Horagina Betta is a hillock very closely located to the popular Nandi hills. It is just around 6 kms from Nandi hills and is a pretty much deserted hill when compared to Nandi hills. The trek to this hill is of easy to moderate difficulty level and can be done by even beginners. There is a temple of Lord Shaneshwara at the peak which is visited by the villagers in the surrounding villages. It is one of the best treks to go from Bangalore if you are hoping to spend some time in solitude unlike the other popular treks like Savandurga, Skandagiri, etc which will be pretty much crowded in the weekends.

23. Devarayandurga Trek

A popular hill station near Tumkur city, Devarayanadurga attracts visitors to it throughout the year from both far & near. It is located around 70 km from Bangalore and just around  17 km from Tumkur. Along with being a well-known weekend getaway for those who want to spend some time in the midst of nature, it is also a popular pilgrimage destination as there are two temples of Yoga Narasimha & Bhoga Narasimha at the top of the hill. It is also a good place for bird-watching.  Vehicles can go almost near the temples and from their you'll have to climb a few hundred steps to reach the temples. Once you cross the temples you'll have to take left to a small hiking trail from where the peak is just a few minutes walk. The other places to visit near Devarayanadurga are Namada Chilume & Siddara betta. 


24. Channagiri Trek

Channagiri also known as Channakeshava betta is one of the five hills in the Nandi hills range. Just around 60 km from Bangalore, Channagiri is one of the less-explored trekking places near Bangalore. The hill can be climbed from two sides, one trail starts at a village named Channapura & other trail is the one which starts at Sultanpet. The trail which starts from Sultanpet is the one which is often used by trekkers. There are two temples at the summit of the hill, one of Lord Hanuman & the other dedicated to Lord Shiva. You can also find a cave temple if you climb down a little to the other side of the hill after reaching the peak. The other hills of the Nandi hills range like Skandagiri & Nandi betta can be seen from the peak of Channagiri. Other places of interest near Channagiri are Kalavara betta/Skandagiri, Avalabetta & Nandi hills.


If you are looking for a trek to really digest the magnitude of western ghats unique geography then Kodachadri also known as 'Kudajadri' is the place to go. Located in Shimoga district of Karnataka, it is well known as a trekking place & is also famous as a pilgrimage destination with the Mookambika temple on top of the hill. Kodachadri is the 10the highest peak in Karnataka with an altitude of 1343 meters, is a part of the Mookambika National Park &  is declared as a natural heritage site by the Karnataka state government. Hidlumane falls is the lodestone for the visitors to Kodachadri & another highlight of this trek is the adventurous jeep ride from the PWD guesthouse on the hill to the base, after the trek. There is also an ancient cave known by the name Ganesha Guha on the way to the peak &  the summit too has a temple known as 'Sarvajna Peeta'. Last but not the least, to watch the sun set from the peak of Kodachadri is an out-of-the-world experience! With all these experiences to give & sites to see, it's no surprise that Kodachadri is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Karnataka & attracts hoards of trekkers & adventure lovers from across the state including the capital city Bangalore. Lace up your boots & hit the Kodachadri trek trail now!


26. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha trek is known to be one of the toughest & challenging treks in Karnataka. It is one of the most beautiful places to go on a trek in too. Whether you are a novice to trekking or an avid trekker, there's no way that you wouldn't have heard about Kumara Parvatha trek at least once if you are in Bangalore & have been on a trek or two. Such is the fame of Kumara Parvatha. The trek trail has four major milestones- the first is Bhattaramane shortly after which is the forest office where the trekkers get the permission for the trek. The second major milestone is 'Kallu Mantapa' which is an ancient stone structure on the KP trek trail. The third milestone is Shesha Parvatha which offers beautiful view of the valley below. The last is Pushpagiri which is the peak of Kumara Parvatha. This is one of the best treks to do in Karnataka & is not to be missed. 

27. Pushpagiri Trek

Pushpagiri is another name for Kumara Parvatha. If most of the trekkers & localites trekking from Kukke Subramanya side call it as Kumara Parvatha, it is better known as Pushpagiri among the localites on the other side of the mountain, in Somwarpet. It is around 20 km from Somwarpet to the starting point of the trek trail- Bidalli Camp. This is where the trekkers need to obtain permission from the state forest department if they choose to trek Pushpagiri from this alternative trail. This trek route to Kumara Parvatha is relatively easy compared to the trek trail from Kukke Subramanya side. There are many people who trek from this side, reach the peak of Pushpagiri & return back in the same route. But, there are also people who start the trek from this side & end it at Kukke Subramanya. Though it is difficult to complete in a single day, it is not impossible, if you are a regular trekker, you can do it. Camping at the peak is not allowed & hence carrying camping tents or sleeping g bags if you are trekking from Bidalli camp is forbidden.

28. Narasimha Parvatha Trek

Narasimha Parvatha is the highest peak of the Agumbe range at a height of around 1149 meters. It is place well-known for its ever-green forests & a wide variety of wild life. This trek can be done either from Malandur near Agumbe or Kigga near Sringeri. The route from Malandur to Narasimha parvatha peak is slightly tougher than the route from Kigga to the peak. But, a falls named Barkana falls can be visited if you trek from Malandur. This trek is best done in monsoons or post-monsoon. In fact, it is one of the best monsoon treks in Karnataka to go on. There are also many other places of interest to visit nearby like Sirimane falls, Onake abbi falls, Kavaledurga fort, Agumbe Rainforest Research station, Kudlu theertha falls, Kundadri hills, Sringeri etc. This is one of our favourite places for trekking in Karnataka.

A charming temple town resplendent with everything  (well, almost everything) that Goa has to offer but with a much lesser crowd, Gokarna is a perfect destination for a relaxing beach vacation in Karnataka. The Gokarna beach trek takes you off the tourist trail & brings you to some of the less-explored & hence less crowded beaches in Gokarna. This trek trail starting from Belekan beach will take you to many other beaches like Paradise beach, Half-moon beach, Small-hell beach, Om beach & Kudle beach before ending at the Gokarna main beach. Apart from the popular Om beach & Kudle beach, all other beaches are accessible only by foot & hence see very less people.  Watching the sun set in the Arabian sea as the waves froth the shore at Kudle beach after the day long trek is a soothing experience. Gokarna also being a pilgrimage centre there are many other attractions to see which are mainly temples, like the Mahabaleshwar temple, Mahaganapathy temple etc. There are also other sites to visit like Jatayutheertha & Shiva cave. September to February is the best time to visit Gokarna.


30. Kudremukha Trek

Kudremukha  easily tops the list of most popular trekking places in Karnataka. Not only is it one of the most popular treks to do in Karnataka but it is also one of the most wild & beautiful trek. Kudremukha translates to 'The face of a Horse' and the place gets its name because of the mountain when seen from one side looks like the face of a Horse. Kudremukha is located in Kudremukha National Park & trekking here requires permission from the state forest department. Also there are stringent rules followed here & only 50 people are allowed to trek Kudremukha per day. This regulation is an effort to reduce the impact of high numbers of trekkers on the local ecology. So, the chances of getting permission for the trek are high if you visit on a weekday instead of a weekend. Also it is a plastic-free zone & carrying any plastic on the trek is strictly prohibited. River Somavathi flows along the trek trail & it is a joyful experience to cross the many brooks formed by it while trekking. The total trek distance from the trek start point, Mullodi till the peak is around 9 KM. The trekking permission should be obtained at the forest checkpost at Balagala viallge around 5 KM before the starting point of the trek. There are other treks to do near by like Kurinjal peak trek, Baamikonda & kilchika trek nearby too. 

Tadiandamol which is the highest peak of Coorg/Kodagu is also the sixth highest peak of Karnataka at a height of 1748 meters. Located between the Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary & Talakaveri national park, it is one of the most scenic places in Karnataka. The rolling hills covered with grasslands, the jeep track & jungle trail at the start of the trek all make Tadiandamol trek one of the most beautiful treks to do in Karnataka. The total trek distance is 14 km & the trek trail starts at Nalknad palace which was built in the 18th century and was used by the rulers of Kodagu. After covering some distance along the jeep track you'll get a forest check-post where you need to obtain permission for the trek. The next milestone on the trek trail will be a huge boulder which is popularly known as the 'Big Rock' among trekkers. After this the trail will gradually gain incline till the peak. It is a moderate trek to do compared to other treks like Kumara Parvatha & Kodachadri trek. Hence, it is the best trek to begin with if you are looking to start trekking in the western ghats. Chelavara falls is nearby & can be visited after the trek.


32. Kurinjal Peak Trek

Located in Mudigere taluk of Chikmagalur district Kurinjal is a place that has become quite popular after the restriction on number of trekkers per day to Kudremukh peak. It has an altitude of  1159 meters & is considered to be one of the  easy treks to do in Karnataka. The total  trek distance is  14 kms and it will take around 6 hours to complete the trek. Kurinjal is located very close to Kudremukh & hence the permission to do Kurinjal trek too has to be taken at Balagala village where permission for Kudremukh trek is issued. This is also a plastic-free zone & carrying any plastic in the forest will attract penalty. Taking a local guide with you is mandatory when you go on this trek. These days many trekkers who don't get permission to do the Kudremukh trek choose to go for Kurinjal peak trek instead. The ridge walk on the Kurinjal trek path is an exhilarating experience & also makes it one of the must visit trekking places in Karnataka.

33. Kyathanamakki Hills Trek

Kyathanamakki hills which is located around 15 km from Kalasa &  10 km from  Horanadu is one of the many hills near the Kudremukha range. Though jeeps can take you till the peak of this hill, trekking to the summit here is an adventurous experience like none-other which is why you should opt to trek to Kyathanamakki instead of taking a jeep ride. The sunrise & sunset view from the peak of Kyathanamakki hills is amazing & is not to be missed. There are very few home-stays in the vicinity & also this place is relatively less crowded as it is still not very popular among the tourists. The other nearby places to visit when you are at Kyathanamakki are Horanadu Annapoorneshwari temple, Amba theertha, Soormane falls & Kudremukha.

34. Kotebetta Trek

Kote Betta at an altitude of  1620 meters is the third highest peak in Coorg after Tadiandamol & Brahmagiri. It is one of the lesser-known trekking trails in Coorg & hence sees fewer trekkers compared to other treks in Coorg like Tadiandamol & Nishani Motte. It is located around 33 km from both Madikeri & Somwarpet. It is near the a village named Hattihole & one has to take a jeep ride to reach the base point of the trek from Hattihole. The highlights of this trek are the ancient Shiva temple at the peak & the view of the the surrounding hills & valleys from the peak. Just around 270 km from Bangalore, it is one of the the best easy weekend treks to go from Bangalore & is perfect for beginners. The other places that can be visited near by are Mallalli falls, Harangi dam & backwaters, Nisargadhama, Dubare elephant campp & Namdroling monastery which is also popularly known as 'Golden temple'.

35. Gaalibeedu Peak Trek

Gaalibeedu trek is an easy to moderate level trek to do in Coorg. Gaalibeedu is located just around 10 km away from the town of Madikeri & is easily accessible via road. The total trek distance of Gaalibeedu trek is around 14 km but as the hill is not very steep & gains incline gradually it can be considered an easy trek to do. The peak of Gaalibeedu offers some of the best views of the surrounding landscape filled with lush greenery. The ancient Kaali temple, river Chandramukhi, the hanging bridge across the river are the major highlights of this trek in Coorg. Though there is no permission required to do this trek, it is suggested that you take a local trek guide along with you. The other popular places near by that can be visited are Mandalpatti, Raja Seat & Abbey falls.

36. Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte trek is another moderate level trek in Coorg with a trekking distance of around 15 km. Situated near Bhagamandala in Talakaveri national park, it has gained popularity among trekkers in the past few years & is one of the most preferred trekking places in Coorg. The trek trail which starts from Bhagamandala will pass along lush paddy fields, huge coffee plantations, dense jungles & open grasslands before taking you to the peak. The view from  the peak is mesmerising, especially in the monsoon & post-monsoon season when Nishani Motte drapes itself in green. The trek requires permission from the Karnataka forest department which can be obtained from the range office at Bhagamandala. The other places of interest near by are Talakaveri, Bhagamandala, Tavoor hills & Kopatty hills.

37. Tavoor Hills Trek

Tavoor hills also known as Dumchi Gudde among locals is one of the least-known trekking places in Coorg. Located near Bhagamandala, it is another easy to moderate level trek in Coorg. The total trek distance of Tavoor hills is around 12-14 KM. Though there's no permission required to do this trek it is suggested that you take a guide who knows the trek route as not many people do this trek & the trek path is not clearly marked. The trek path which starts on the Bhagamandala-Madikeri road will take you along coffee & mango plantations, thick forests  & a ridge along the open grasslands before you reach the peak. This being a very less-known trail it's better you do this trek before it becomes crowded like other trekking places in Coorg. Some of the other hills to trek nearby are Brahmagiri, Nishani Motte & Kopatty hills.

38. Kabbe Hills Trek

Not very far from Tadiandamol hills, the highest peak of Coorg is Kabbe hills. Though it is a easy trek to do compared to Tadiandamol trek, the views from the top of the hill are stunning & thus make it one of the best trekking places in Coorg. The fact that there will be very less trekkers on this hill compared to other hills nearby is a bonus if you like to spend some time in solitude. Kabbe hills located at the border of Karnataka & Kerala offers beautiful views of the dense forests of Kerala on one side & huge coffee plantations & shola forests on the side of Karnataka. There are many homestays at the base of the hill which cater to the tourists. Chelavara falls is also very close to Kabbe hills & is worth visiting. If you are an absolute beginner to trekking & want to go for a trek in the western ghats of Karnataka, then Kabbe hills trek is your go to choice.

39. Brahmagiri Trek

Brahmagiri which is a popular trekking spot in Coorg is located near Srimangala in the Karnataka-Kerala border. 

40. Baamikonda & Kilchika Peaks Trek
41. Kanoor Kote Trek
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