Treks in Karnataka

A list of the best treks to do in Karnataka

There is simply no way you can go for a trek or hike in Karnataka and not be amazed by its epic scenery, natural beauty and rich bio-diversity. Ranging from the dense jungles and high grasslands of western ghats to the rocky hills and mammoth monoliths of the Deccan plateau,  Karnataka is simply a paradise for adventure seekers who love going on treks and hikes. 

Top Treks to do in Karnataka

Kodachadri Trek
Tadiandamol Trek
Gokarna Beach Trek
Kopatty Coorg Trek
Hutridurga Trek
Hulukadi Betta Trek
Madhugiri Fort Trek
Savandurga Trek
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Treks to do in Western Ghats of Karnataka

Located around 100 kms away from Shivamogga city, Kodachadri is a magnificent hill in the western ghats of Karnataka that attracts trekkers from across the country. Ascend the hill for a great view from the summit & the perfect instagram shot of the beautiful sunset you get to see here.  Soak wet under the gushing water of the Hidlumane falls that you encounter on the trek path. Take a thrilling jeep-ride down the hill & stay at one of the cozy little homestays at the base where you can taste authentic malnad cuisine. All on the same day! To put it in simple words trekking Kodachadri is an awe-inspiring experience that ain't to be missed if you are a fan of trekking & adventure. 


Some of the other places nearby that can be visited are Nagara Fort, Kolluru Mookambika temple, Siganduru, Belakal falls & Arisinagundi falls. 


See what a trek to the Kodachadri looks like in monsoons here.

Trek Distance- 14 KM

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate 

Altitude- 1343 Meters

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The largest peak in Coorg/Kodagu at the height of 1728 meters, Tadiandamol is one of the most famous & also best treks to do in Karnataka. The famous trek trail which stretches for 7 kms starts at Nalkanad palace & passes through a jeep track along coffee plantations, dense forests & lush grasslands before ending at the summit. The summit offers stunning views of the surrounding hills in Talacauvery national park & Brahmagiri wildlife sanctuary. Trekkers need to get permission from the Karnataka forest department check-post at the beginning of the trek trail to do this trek. Night camping is strictly prohibited at Tadiandamol.

Chelavara falls which is just around 20 km from Tadiandamol can be visited too when you are here for the trek. Being what it is, Tadiandamol trek is one of our all time favourite treks to do in Karnataka.

See what a trek to the Tadiandamol looks like in monsoons here.

Trek Distance- 14 KM

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate 

Altitude- 1728 Meters

Checkout our weekend trek to Tadiandamol from Bangalore here.

Kopatty hills which is near Bhagamandala of Coorg/Kodagu is the perfect trek for beginners who want to start with something easy but yet incredible in the western ghats. It is one of the offbeat treks in Karnataka & hence has a lesser crowd on the trail even on weekends. Even though the trek distance of Kopatty is short, it has got everything from jeep trails to dense forests & huge coffee plantations to open grasslands atop the hill. The panoramic view from the peak of Kopatty is nothing short of stunning. Go trekking at Kopatty & enjoy the serenity of this place before everyone else discovers it. 


Talacauvery which is the birth place of river Cauvery & Bhagamandala are the other nearby places that can be visited when you go for a trek to Kopatty.

Trek Distance- 12 to 14 KM

Trek Difficulty Level- Easy to Moderate 

Altitude- 1375 Meters

Checkout our weekend trek to Kopatty from Bangalore here.

Narasimha Parvatha is the highest peak in the Agumbe ghats & is also a place with rich bio-diversity. Agumbe receives the highest rainfalls in South India & is called as 'the Cherapunji of South'. Narasimha Parvatha which is part of the Agumbe ghats owes its evergreen forests to this heavy rainfall. You can trek to the peak of Narasimha Parvatha from either Malandur side or Kigga side. If you are looking for a challenging trek then you can opt to trek from Malandur. But, if what you want is a moderate trek with shorter trek distance then you can choose to trek from Kigga. Trekking at Narasimha Parvatha requires permission from the Karnataka forest department & it can be taken either at Malandur or at Kigga. 

Sirimane falls, Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Agumbe sunset point, Kundadri hills, Onake Abbi falls, Koodlu theertha falls are some of the places that you can visit nearby Narasimha Parvatha.

Trek Distance- 6 KM from Kigga side & 13 KM from Malandur side 

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate from Kigga side & Difficult from Malandur side

Altitude- 1150 Meters

Gokarna which is a small temple town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka has some of the most perfect beaches on the planet. It is one of the few places where you can go beach trekking in Karnataka. Away from the tourist trail, the Gokarna beach trek will take you to some less frequented beaches like Paradise beach & Half-Moon beach. Most of the trekkers start their trek from Om beach & end it at Paradise beach. But the best way to explore all the beaches in Gokarna is to start the trek at Belekan beach & end it at the Gokarna beach. Between this two beaches you'll get to explore Paradise beach, Small-hell beach, Half-moon beach, Om beach & Kudle beach. If you are lucky enough you might even get to spot a dolphin or two while trekking. Don't miss to watch the sun set over the Arabian sea at Kudle beach. It is truly a magical experience to say the least. Gokarna beach trek is one of a kind trek in Karnataka where the ocean meets the mountain & shouldn't be missed by any trekker. 

Trek Distance- 9 KM  

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate

6. Kudremukha Trek

Kudremukha trek is one of the most popular treks in Karnataka & is also one of the most scenic one. It is the 3rd highest peak in Karnataka at an altitude of 1894 meters & is located in Chikmagalur district known for its picturesque landscapes & amazing coffee. The starting point of the trek is Mullodi from where it is around 9 KM to the peak. You'll get to cross numerous streams of river Somavati on the trek before you reach the peak, which is a delightful experience. As Kudremukha peak is situated in the Kudremukha National Park, you need to get permission from the Karnataka State Forest department to go on a trek at Kudremukha. Permission for the trek can taken at Balagala village & from here you'll have to take a jeep ride to reach Mullodi. Since the past few years, only 50 people are allowed to trek at Kudremukha in a day. This step was taken to curb the number of trekkers as a huge number of trekkers had started visiting Kudremukha which was disturbing the wildlife in the national park. Also, it is a plastic-free zone & you are not allowed to carry any kind of plastic on the trek.

The other treks to do nearby are Kurinjal trek and Baamikonda & Kilchika peaks trek which are among the few less-explored or unexplored trekking places in Karnataka.

Trek Distance- 9 KM  

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate

Altitude- 1894 Meters

7. Kurinjal Trek

Kurinjal peak which is located in Mudigere taluk of Chikmagalur is a hill very close to the famous Kudremukh peak. Thought it is easy to trek Kurinjal, the ridge walk towards the end of the trek makes it a thrilling experience. The total trek distance of Kurinjal is around 14 KM & you'd need around 6 hours to complete the trek at a leisurely pace. Even this trek needs you to take permission from the forest department & you can get the permission at Balagala village where permission for Kudremukh trek too is issued. It is required that you take a local guide along with you when you go trekking here. Like Kudremukha, Kurinjal is a plastic free zone too & carrying any plastic will attract penalty. Kurinjal trek is also one of the best monsoon treks to do in Karnataka. 

Trek Distance- 14 KM  

Trek Difficulty Level- Easy

Altitude- 1159 Meters

8. Nishani Motte Trek

Nishani Motte which is located near Bhagamandala is not only a best trekking destination in Coorg but also among one of the best treks in Karnataka. It is a moderate trek to do with a total trekking distance of around 15 KM. The trekking trail which starts at Bhagamandala meanders along paddy fields, coffee plantations, jungles & open grasslands before ending at the summit of the hill. The trek is good to do year long but watch out for leeches during the monsoons. Post-monsoon is the best time to trek up Nishani Motte & lots of trekkers from across Karnataka throng to Nishani Motte especially on the weekends in the months from September to early February. You'll have take permission to do this trek at the Bhagamandala range forest office. The other places of interest near Nishani motte are Talacauvery, Tavoor hills & Kopatty hills.

Trek Distance- 15 KM  

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate

Altitude- 1270 Meters

9. Gaalibeedu Trek

Gaalibeedu trek is one of the lesser-known treks in Karnataka but a beautiful one to do. Though it is located just around 10 KM away from Madikeri, it is not much popular among the trekking community in Karnataka & hence sees a lot lesser crowd than the other trekking places in Coorg. The total trek distance of Gaalibeedu is around 14 KM & it is  a moderate trek to do as the trek trail is not very steep. The view from the summit of the hill is astounding & makes the effort to climb the hill worth it. River Chandramukhi, the hanging bridge across the river & the ancient Kaali temple are what makes this trek a special one. Gaalibeedu trek is undoubtedly one of the most under-rated treks in Karnataka that every trekker must go on. The other places of interest nearby are Mandalpatti, Raja seat & Abbey falls. 

Trek Distance- 14 KM  

Trek Difficulty Level- Moderate

Altitude- 1371 Meters

10. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha trek can be said to be the most popular trek in Karnataka & needs no introduction in the trekking community of Karnataka. It is also one of the most challenging treks to do in western ghats of India. It is the 4th highest peak in Karnataka. The trek which starts from Kukke Subramanya will take you through deep forests, vast grasslands & a small patch of rocky terrain before taking you to its peak. The total trek distance of Kumara Parvatha is around 22 KM & you'd need 1.5 days to complete the trek. Camping is allowed only near Bhattaramane or the forest checkpost at Girigadde. You are not allowed to carry camping tents beyond the forest check post. The major milestones of this trek are Bhattaramane, Kallu Mantapa, Shesha Parvatha & Pushpagiri. The best time to trek Kumara Parvatha is between the months of September & February. 

Trek Distance- 22 KM

Trek Difficulty Level- Difficult

Altitude- 1712 Meters

11. Kote Betta Trek

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