Treks from Bangalore- One day & two day weekend treks from Bangalore

Looking to getaway from the city & experience nature up-close? Want to go on an adventure with your friends, partner or colleagues? Be it one day treks near Banglaore or treks in relatively distant places like the western ghats, we've got them all covered! Wanderophile brings you weekend treks & adventure trips to go on from Bangalore that will make your weekends memorable & thrilling! Explore our budget weekend treks near Bangalore below,

Hutridurga trek which is a lesser-known trek to do from Bangalore is still pristine and its trail is relatively less crowded even on weekends. It is an easy trek to do but nevertheless an adventurous & beautiful trek to do. The ruins of a 16th century fort & the ancient Shankershwara temple on the hill add to the mystery of the place. If you are a novice to the trekking world & looking for something easy yet beautiful to begin with, Hutridurga aka Uttari betta is your best choice among the treks near Bangalore.

Trek Distance- 5 KM
Trek Difficulty Level- Easy

Distance from Bangalore- 65 Km

Explore Hutridurga on a weekend trek from Bangalore with Wanderophile

Hulukadi betta is one of the most overlooked trekking place near Bangalore. Though many people climb up the hill to visit the temple of Lord Veerabhadra atop the hill, most do not know that it is also one of the best places to go trekking near Bangalore. The ruins of fort walls & watch towers said to be built by the Chola kings in the 16th century, stunning lake panoramas & the scenic view from the top make this a beautiful place to go for a weekend trek. There is also an interesting story behind the temple of Lord Veerabhadra here. Legend says that Lord Veerabhadra had a fight with Lord Narasimha to stay at this place & the later who lost the fight had to settle for another place which is now located in Andhra Pradesh. Hulukadi betta trek is also one of the few cross treks near Bangalore as you start the trek on the eastern side of the hill & end it on the opposite side. It is an easy trek to do near Bangalore & is suitable for beginners. 

Trek Distance- 5 KM
Trek Difficulty Level- Easy

Distance from Bangalore- 58.5 Km

Explore Hulukadi Betta on a weekend trek from Bangalore with Wanderophile

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