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Trek to Madhugiri hill, the second largest monolith of Asia

11Madhugiri Fort Trek

Madhugiri is one of the perfect places for adventure enthusiasts seeking a one day trek near Bangalore. It is in Bangalore’s neighboring district of Tumkuru and is around 105 km or a drive of 2.5 hours from Bengaluru via Dabasapete-Tumkuru-Koratagere route.

Madhugiri literally translates to ‘Honey Hills’ and the name is said to have originated from the presence of a huge number of honeybee colonies in the northern part of the hill many years ago. The scenic beauty & the challenging trek makes Madhugiri a must visit place for both nature lovers and adventure geeks alike & is one of the must-do one day treks near Bangalore.

Standing at an height of around 1200 meters, this monolith also has ruins of an ancient fort which gives this place historical importance.

We were a group of 12 people set out to conquer this gigantic hill. I had trekked this hill before with a friend & knew exactly what it takes to finish the trek. The first time I did this trek I could not complete it as we had vastly underestimated the difficulty level of the trek and had carried no food or water. BIG MISTAKE! So this time we had carried packed lunch & ample amount of water.

We reached the base of the hillock at around 10 AM , took permission from the concerned authorities at the base, and started our trek. The sun was already shining bright & made a few in the group have doubts about finishing the trek this time too.

But a few of us were in good spirit & encouraged everyone by telling that the trek is not so difficult & we can reach the peak before the sun is over our head if we move quickly.

The first stretch of the trek was relatively easy and we could reach the now dry water reservoir that we encounter in the beginning of the trek in a few minutes where we took a photo-break. (From here the number and length of photo breaks went on increasing along with the difficulty level of the trek

We started with the second phase of the trek after this quick photo break. Unlike, the initial phase of the trek where we had steps, we had to climb steep slopes on the rock now. There were iron railings for support which made the climb easy.

After this phase we encountered a steep slope where the iron railing which we had for support in steep slopes missing. There was just a cable wire for support which did not instill any confidence. But somehow everyone of us in the group crossed it with each others help. After this the climb was not so difficult.

Though the sun was over our head now, the ceaseless winds spared us from the heat and made the climb to the peak a little easy. After a lot of huffing and puffing we all crossed the three gateways called Antharalada Bagilu, Diddi Bagilu and Mysuru Gate to reach the peak.

The first thing we did after reaching the peak was to fill our tummies which were growling with hunger. We then took lot of photos, played UNO for a while, took a nap and then started the descend back. As the slopes are steep descending is also challenging at places.

The overall trek took us about 4 to 5 hours. The birds eye view of Madhugiri town we got to see from the peak was mesmerizing. The sense of conquering this gigantic peak was the best part of this trek.

Madhugiri hill is definitely one of the best one day treks near Bengaluru and should be on your must-do-trek list if you are in Bengaluru.

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