May 21, 2018

Our trek and trip leaders are an important aspect of what makes Wanderophile treks and trips what they are. An integral part of the Wanderophile experience, our trek and trip leaders are a treasure trove of knowledge about the places to visit and things to do. We asked all our trek and trip leaders to give some recommendations about where to go and what to do in and around Bangalore. Here are their top picks,

1. Hike to Hutridurga- Hutridurga just around 65 km from Bangalore is incredible. It is an easy trek of just 5 km both ways and offers some of the most stunning views of the surrounding hills. Though you can do this trek all year round, monsoon and winter is the best time to be here as the hills and the surroundings are lush with green.

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2. Visit Bannerughatta- Bannerughatta is the closest place to Bangalore which offers a glimpse of wildlife. Home to a variety of birds and animals, it is a must visit place for all wildlife enthusiasts in Bangalore. Just a short drive of one hour from Bangalore, it makes for a perfect weekend getaway for people of all age groups.

3.Go cycling to the grasslands of Hesarughatta- As close to the city as it maybe, Hesarughatta still feels a place far away from the bustle of the city because of its laid back surroundings. Cycling past green fields and beautiful lakes will be a refresher from the traffic of Bangalore.

4. Hike to Chennagiri- Chennagiri, though very close to the popular hill station of Nandi hills, is relatively less known. It is a moderate trek and is a perfect weekend getaway from Bangalore if you are a nature lover.

5. City tour- Bangalore is a city which never ceases to charm you. The blend of history and the contemporary lifestyle of the city defines its character. Visit Lalbagh and Cubbon park. Marvel at the remnants of the colonial architecture in the city and landmark buildings like Vidhanasoudha & High Court. Go for a walk in the City Market and shop crazy in any of the shopping hubs like Brigade road, Commercial street or any of the umpteen shopping malls.

6. Sunrise trek to Skandagiri- Skandagiri also known as Kalavaradurga is popular for its splendid sunrise view. It is at a distance of 62 km from Bangalore and is easily accessible by road. Trek to the peak before dawn starting from Kalavara village and witness a sunrise you’ll never forget.

7. Go parasailing at Jakkur- Spectacular sights of the city and a breathtaking experience is what awaits you if you go parasailing at Jakkur aerodrome. Do this if you haven’t yet and we are sure you’ll have an experience not to forget. This is one of the best weekend pastime in Bangalore if you are a adventure junkie.

8. Trek to Kuntibetta- This gem is at a distance of 130 km from Bangalore and takes quiet some time to reach there. But the beauty of this hill makes every bit of the slightly long travel worth it. The trek to the peak gives you a view of Thonnur lake at a little distance away which is a view unlike any other. Be here for the adventurous hike and the beautiful views.

9. Go for a wine tour- Go to any of the numerous vineyards around the city for sipping some of the best wines. Take a guided tour of the vineyard, learn a thing or two about wine making and treat yourself to a good glass of wine.

10. Visit Antargange for cave exploration- Located around 70 km away from Bangalore, Antargange is an incredible and breathtaking area of natural beauty. The boulders and the caves formed by huge boulders at some places make it a perfect place to explore for adventure seekers.

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