Madhugiri is known to be the second largest monolith in Asia after Savandurga. It stands tall at a towering height of 1200 meters & is one of the best hills to trek near Bangalore. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Trek Madhugiri Hill


It is located in a small town by the same name in Tumkur district of Karnataka. The hill is said to have had a large number of beehives in the past & hence the name Madhugiri (Hill of Honey). We can see ruins of a fort built in the 17th century by a local ruler named Raja Hira Gowda on this hill. There are three gateways to the fort known as Antaralad Baagilu, Diddi Baagilu & Mysore Gate. There is also a Venugopalaswamy temple on the peak which is in a dilapidated condition now. 

Trek to Madhugiri, the second largest monolith in Asia

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