2 Days Itinerary for Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri is a hill with scenic landscapes, ancient temples, a beautiful waterfall and a variety of flora & fauna. Located in the western ghats, it is in the district of Shivamogga in Karnataka & is around 390 km away from Bangalore. It is in the Mookambika National Park, a protected wildlife sanctuary  & is declared as a natural heritage site due to its biodiversity. It is one of the most popular trekking places in Karnataka & throughout the year hoards of people from across the state plan a  trek to Kodachadri.

Find the complete Kodachadri trek plan with full itinerary for 2 days below, 


Day 1- Kodachadri trek, Hidlumane Falls & Jeep Ride

Arrival at your homestay in Kodachadri early in the morning.
Get fresh, finish your breakfast & start the trek 
Hidlumane falls
Have your lunch at the PWD guest house

Ganesha Guha
Sarvajna peeta
Moola Mookambika temple

Take a jeep ride from the peak to your homestay. 

Day 2- Kollur Mookambika Temple & Nagara Fort

Checkout from your homestay early in the morning.

Visit Kolluru Mookambika temple. 
Explore Nagara Fort. 



Detailed Itinerary of Kodachadri Trek

Day 1-

Welcome to Kodachadri! Your adventure begins with your arrival at your homestay near the base of Kodachadri early in the morning. The homestay is located in a beautiful place with greenery all around it. Also, there is a stream which flows just a few metres away from the homestay where you can wet your feet & have some gala if you have spare time. Once you reach, quickly get fresh, finish your breakfast & pack your gear for the trek. All you need to carry is ample water, a rainwear/poncho, a towel, an extra pair of clothes (if you wish to take a dip in the plunge pool of Hidlumane waterfalls) & some snacks if you’d like to have on the trek. 

Your local trek guide will arrive at the homestay at around 8.30 & you’ll be briefed about the trek before setting of on the trail. The total distance you’ll have to trek today is 14 km including your return trek from the peak till the PWD guest house. There are 5 major points in the route which serve as milestones on the Kodachadri trek. The first one is the log bridge on which you’ll have to cross a stream. Also this is where you’ll have to take permission  & get tickets from the forest department for going on the Kodachadri trek. You’ll have to walk a little uphill in a dense jungle trail from here till your next milestone which is the open meadow. There is also a buttermilk shop located right after the meadow. Quench your thirst here & rest your feet a little before continuing to your third & most awaited milestone which is the Hidlumane waterfalls.  The walk from the meadow till the falls is an enchanting one with all the beautiful views of the paddy fields & hills around you. You’ll walk along the stream formed by the waterfall & also cross several places where the water cascades down from small heights. Many trekkers confuse these for the main waterfall. You’ll find Hidlumane falls only after crossing around 7 such small cascades. Frolic in the waters of the plunge pool formed by the waterfall & take some amazing photos before you start your trek again. Tip: The sooner you reach Hidlumane falls the better it is for you as the place can get crowded by noon. So, try to get a head start by starting the trek sooner than other trekkers/trek groups & reach the waterfalls as early as possible.

The trek gets a little more difficult after crossing the waterfall as you’ll have to cross steep inclines. But the views from this stretch of the trek are alluring & makes the climb worth it. At the end of this part of the Kodachadri trek you’ll find the jeep track from where the trek gets easier again. Just 2 kms on the jeep track & you’ll find the PWD guest house, where you can have your lunch. After having your lunch start the trek again to reach Sarvajna peeta which marks the summit of Kodachadri. On the way you can also visit Ganesha Guha. The distance from the PWD guest house to the peak is again 2 kms &  this part of the trek offers some incredible views of the western ghats too. Spend some time at the peak engrossed in the nature around you & soaking in the calm vibes before starting the descend back to the PWD guest house. From here, take a jeep ride back to your homestay.

Day 2-

Checkout from your homestay early in the morning & visit the famous Kolluru Mookambika temple which is around 30 km from the base of Kodachadri. After visiting Kolluru you can also pay a visit to Nagara fort, a 16th century fort which covers itself in green in the monsoon & post-monsoon season. It is one of the must visit places if you are visiting Kodachadri. 


Transport in Kodachadri- Kollur is the main town near Kodachadri & there are a lot of buses to Kollur from major cities like Bangalore, Chennai & Mumbai. From Kollur then you have to take a bus to Sampekatte & can go till the starting point of the Kodachadri trek or even till the PWD guest house in a jeep from Sampekatte.
Note: Jeeps are the only mode of public transport available from Sampekatte to Kodachadri.

Accommodation in Kodachadri- It is not difficult to find accommodation in Kodachadri. There are many homestays in & around the base of Kodachadri hill which cater to the accommodation needs of visitors & trekkers to Kodachadri. Most of these homestays provide basic amenities like beds, blankets & hot water. They also serve authentic local food.

Call us on +91 7892890115 to book your stay in a homestay at Kodachadri.

Kodachadri Travel FAQs

What is the best time to visit Kodachadri? 
August to February is the best time to visit Kodachadri as the place will come alive with greenery in the monsoon & post-monsoon season. But being where it is, even the summers are cool at this place & has its own charm. So, Kodachadri can be visited throughtout the year. 

Will there be leeches in Kodachadri?
Leeches which are usually found in damp areas like rain forests & wet-coastal forests are also found in Kodachadri which is a part of the western ghats. But they are found only during the monsoons season & can be avoided with a pa few precautional measures.

Is camping allowed in Kodachadri?

Camping at Kodachadri hill is strictly prohibited by the Karnataka State Forest Department.

What are the other places to visit near Kodachadri?

The other places to visit near Kodachadri are Kollur Mookambika temple, Nagara Fort, Arisinagundi falls.

What is the internet access like in Kodachadri? 

Internet access in Kodachadri is very scarce & is unreliable when available. 

Can I use my mobile/cell phone while in Kodachadri?
The phone network in Kodachadri is very scarce & is unreliable when available. The only network which you get in Kodachadri is BSNL & that too at a few spots only.

What is the ATM access like in Kodachadri?

There are no ATMs available close to Kodachadri. You must travel to Kollur from Kodachadri to find ATMs.