Hutridurga also known as Uttari betta is a hillock located 65 km away from Bengaluru in Kunigal taluk of Tumakuru. Though it is well known among the trekking community in Bengaluru, it is not as popular as other places like Saavandurga or Madhugiri. Monsoon and winter are the best times to go for a trek to this place.

See what it's like Hiking Hutridurga in 10 beautiful photos


The ruins of the 16th century fort built by Kempegowda, the founder of Bengaluru give Hutridurga historical importance. Remnants of fort walls, granaries etc can still be seen here. Also, there is the Shankareshwara temple dedicated to lord Shiva at the peak. Hutridurga covers itself in green in monsoons and is a sight to behold. The few natural ponds on the way to the peak add to the beauty of this place.

5 Reasons to trek Hutridurga aka Uttari Betta

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