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January 26, 2018

Around 175 years ago, on a fine day in England, a man named Thomas Cook had this crazy idea to take people on excursions and charge them for it, thus inventing organised tours which for the first time ever in the history of world let people explore far away places from their homes, without worrying about safety, transportation, food, or, accommodation.

From then till today, there have been a lot of changes like the evolution of transport systems, ease of access to information, the advent of OTAs, etc., which have made organised tours and travel in general more comfortable than they were a few decades ago. But, these very things that made traveling better and comfortable have also reduced traveling to merely ticking off places from bucket-lists, especially in organised tours. People who prefer organised tours are looked down upon by the other segment of people who prefer traveling independently, as they think that tourists seek comfort over genuine travel experiences. Also, organised tours tend to cost you a lot more than independent travel sometimes. It need not be so. Organised trips can be as fun and affordable as independent travel too when designed to give people a close look of the local culture and places by putting them in touch with local people. By doing so, a balance between the comfort of organised tours and the thrill of independent travel can be found.

That’s what we are here to do. Bring you the thrill of independent travel with the comfort of organised tours but at much affordable prices. Whether you want to go for it alone or travel with a bunch of friends or your family, on a Wanderophile trip, you’ll explore places you travel to like a local, meet new people, and take home wonderful memories. All this while creating opportunities for people who live in the local communities we engage with and helping protect the environment.

We are a bunch of first-timers and we need your help in this effort of ours to make travel and adventure more affordable, safe, and accessible to all. This is our invite to join our community and help us bring a difference in the travel industry.

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