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7 Adventure Treks to do in Coorg


You’ve heard it all about Coorg. Lush green forests, huge coffee plantations, fragrant orange groves, deep ravines, pristine waterfalls & not to forget the delicious Coorgese cuisine. Everything about Coorg is enthralling & enchanting. Coorg also known as Kodagu is a distinct world in itself & is the “Adventure Capital of Karnataka”. To put it simply Coorg is a must-visit place in Karnataka for everyone who loves nature. After all this intro about Coorg, how can we not talk about the treks to do in Coorg!

Covering a considerable portion of the western ghats of India, Coorg undoubtedly, has many trekking trails which you would like to explore. There are numerous treks to do in Coorg which are some of the best treks in Karnataka and each one of these treks is unique in its own way and offers you the opportunity to connect with nature, explore and experience, a raw unseen side of Coorg. Planning a trip to Coorg & don’t know which place to go trekking?

Here’s your guide for where to trek in Coorg.

1. Kumara Parvatha trek:

Kumara Parvatha is touted to be one of the toughest trek in Karnataka & it’s not without a reason. The total trek distance of Kumara Parvatha is around 22 KMs & the trek trail is steep in parts too. It is the second highest peak in Coorg at 1712 meters. For most of us Kumara Parvatha trek is the first name that pops up in our mind when we think of trekking places in Coorg, such is its popularity. With its dense forests, volcanic rocks, quaintly flowing streams & vast open grasslands Kumara Parvatha trek without any doubt is one of the best treks you can do in Coorg.

You can start the trek either from Kukke Subramanya or from Beedalli near Somvarpete. The trek route from Kukke Subramanya to the peak is much difficult than the trek route from Beedalli to the peak. If you are starting from Kukke Subramanya you’ll need to get permission from the forest department at Girigadde (near ‘Bhattaramane’) & if you are starting from Beedalli you’ll need to get permission at the forest camp at Beedalli itself. From whichever side you are doing the trek, it is suggested that you start the trek early in morning as the trek is not easy & takes considerable time to complete.

Trek distance: 22 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Difficult

Best Time to Trek: October to March

2. Tadiandamol trek

Tadiandamol at an altitude of 1746 meters is the highest peak in Coorg & is one of the best trekking places in Coorg. The total trek distance of Tadiandamol is around 8 KM & it is one of the moderate level treks to do in Coorg.

Nalaknad palace is the starting point of the trek & from here the trek trail passes through a jeep track before taking you into thick forests & open grasslands which offer some amazing views of the surrounding landscape. You can spot a variety of butterflies, snails & other coloruful insects throughout the trail. In the monsoons you’ll also have to face the dreaded leeches too. Being a moderate level trek, Tadiandamol is the best place for trekking in Coorg if you are a novice in trekking & want to explore a good trek in the western ghats.

See what a trek to Tadiandamol in the monsoons looks like here.

Trek Distance: 8Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Time to Visit: October to May

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3. Nishani Motte trek-

Nishani Motte in the past few years has emerged to be one of the top trekking places in Coorg after Kumara Parvatha & Tadiandamol.

A relatively lesser-known peak in the Talacauvery range, Nishani Motte to be simply said is stunning. This moderate trek begins from Bhagamandala and passes through coffee estates, jeep trails & paddy fields unfolding before your eyes an unseen world, you’d fall in love with once you hit the trail. The trek though moderate gets a little difficult towards the end, testing the will of even the most hardened trekker. But the astounding views of surrounding hill ranges of Kerala and Karnataka from the top of Nishani Motte are truly mesmerising and make the climb worth it. Go on a trek to Nishani Motte & the enjoy the calmness of the place before others discover this beautiful trek in Coorg.

Trek Distance: 12-14 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Time to Visit: October to February

4. Brahmagiri trek:

Brahmagiri is one of the most popular treks in Coorg and is a perfect trekking trail in Coorg for a first-time trekker. The 1608 meter Brahmagiri offers extensive views of the pristine hills surrounding it. The trek requires permission from the forest department which can be taken at the forest range office at Srimangala. The trek route to Brahmagiri starts at Iruppu falls then crosses Lakshmana Theertha & Narimalai before taking you to the peak of Brahmagiri. You can also visit Munikkal caves on the way to the peak. If you are lucky you can even spot deers, bisons & elephants. It is not suggested to do Brahmagiri trek without a guide as there is wildlife movement in the area. The last part of the trek is challenging as the hill is steep & will test your willpower. But the climb is worth it as the view of the gently rolling hills is astounding.

Brahamgiri peak has an alternative trek path too which starts from Thirunelli in Kerala. This trek path is a little more difficult to climb but also is more scenic.

Trek Distance: 12 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best Time to Visit: October to March

4. Gaalibeedu trek-

Gaalibeedu trek is one of the most under-rated & lesser-known treks in Coorg. This trek has everything a trekking enthusiast desires including dense forests, lush meadows and vast coffee plantations. The trek trail begins from Kattikeri village with a narrow tarred road which eventually passes through coffee plantations and dense shola forests typical to the region. The meadows take over after a while and the adventurous trek ends with the trekkers reaching the Gaalibeedu summit while being in true admiration of the pristine beauty of the hills around. The panoramic view of Coorg is what you can expect from the top, a sight which is sure to make you forget all your tiredness from climbing up the hill.

River Chandramukhi, the hanging bridge across the river & the ancient Kaali temple are the major highlights of Gaalibeedu trek. It is recommended that you do this trek only with a guide as the trek path gets a little tricky to navigate at places. Explore this offbeat trek in Coorg before before it becomes popular & crowded.

Trek Distance: 14 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Best Time to Visit: October to March

5. Kopatty trek-

Kopatty trek near Bhagamandala of Coorg is a short & easy trek to do in Coorg, nevertheless a fulfilling one. Dense shola forests, meadows and water streams line the entire trekking trail. The trek trail of Kopatty starts at the Mahavishnu temple near Kopatty bus stop. The initial stretch is surrounded by paddy fields which makes it a wonderful sight. The path continues on a jeep track before taking you to the forest trail after crossing the last human settlements at the base of the hill. With each passing turn the forest gets denser and before you realise, you are in thick forests. An incline of 60 degrees towards the end of the trek path is the best part of the trek as it gives you a panoramic view of the surrounding forests & hills. The peak of the hill offers a 360° view of the surrounding landscape & you get to see the hills in the neighbouring Kerala too. This trek is one of the best places for trekking in Coorg for beginners as it is easy & just takes 3-4 hours to complete.

Trek Distance: 12 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Time to Visit: October to March

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6. Kabbe hills trek-

Kabbe hills is one of the lesser-known trekking spots in Coorg. It is an easy trek to do & is not very far from Tadiandamol, one of the most popular trekking places in Coorg. The trek path starts near Chelavara falls & takes you along verdant forests & lush grasslands before ending at the peak. The hilltop also offers views of hills in neighbouring Kerala on one side and vast expanses of coffee estates and shola forests of Karnataka on the other side. Walking on the muddy path that leads to Kabbe hilltop is an adventure-filled experience & it is a bliss to trek here especially during the monsoons & post-monsoons when everything is a shade of green. Be warned about the leeches during monsoons though!

There are many home-stays at the base of Kabbe hills which offer camping or other basic accommodation options.If the idea of camping under a starlit sky & waking up to the view of a majestic hill is your idea of a weekend, then Kabbe hills trek is a must-do for you.

Trek Distance: 3 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Easy

Best Time to Visit: October to March

7. Tavoor Hills Trek-

Tavoor hills which is located near Bhagamandala of Coorg is a place famous among the trekking community for its ridge-walk. Outside of the trekking community, this place is not very well-known & hence sees very less people on its trek trail. It is also known as Dumchi gudde among the locals. The trek is an easy one to do & doesn’t require any prior trekking experience. The trek trial starts at the Bhagamandala-Madikeri road & continues along coffee plantations, mango groves & thick forests before taking you to the peak. The ridge walk just a while before you reach the peak is what makes Tavoor hills trek an exiting & special trek. The other places of interest near Tavoor hills are Kopatty hills, Talacauvery & Bhagamandala.

Trek Distance: 13 Km (both sides)

Trek Difficulty Level: Easy to moderate

Best Time to Visit: October to March

Mountains & hills often offer us an opportunity to spend some time in solitude and Coorg with its numerous trekking trails is one such location where you can experience nature at its best. Leave your worries, pack your bags & hit one of these amazing trekking destinations in Coorg.

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