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Hutridurga aka Uttari Betta is a popular one day trekking destination and a place of historical importance just around 65 KM from Bangalore. The trek to Hutridurga takes you through the ruins of a centuries old fort, and into the wilds before bringing you to the Shankareshwara temple at the viewpoint which you get just a little while before you reach the peak.

Though the trek is uphill, you need not be an athlete to trek Hutridurga. The entire trek is just 5 KM both ways and can be completed with ease by anyone having even moderate fitness levels. Also, you’ll get plenty of rest as you stop to soak in the views and take photos (which you’ll be doing every few steps or so).

The natural beauty at the top makes you feel that it is more than worth the uphill climb you had to endure. Though this might be your reason to take the hike, Hutridurga has so much more to offer. Here are 5 reasons why Hutridurga should be on your list of places to trek near Bangalore,

1. Thriving vegetation- Right from the beginning of the trek till you reach the top, you’ll only see lush green vegetation all around you (especially in the monsoons). Walking amidst the tall green grass grown on either side of the trek trail with clear blue skies above you is such a delightful experience. Also, if you are lucky, you can spot many varieties of birds and reptiles like Chameleon which flourish because of the abundant vegetation at Hutridurga.

2. Centuries old history- The ruins of the fort built by the feudal ruler under Vijayanagara Kingdom, Kempegowda stand as a testimony to the grandeur of this place in the past. The Hutridurga fort is said to be a 7 tiered fort and was used as an administrative center in the summers. Also, the fort was the military bastion of Tipu Sultan against the British in the 18th century. You can still see ruined fort walls, gateways, granaries and the likes throughout the trek trail.

3. The unmatched views- Look closely and you’ll see small ponds, centuries old stone structures, abundant vegetation and huge boulders. Look into the distance and you’ll see hilltops, lakes, tiny houses, and green forest cover. Conclusion- When you are on the Hutridurga trail you’ll be seeing something stunning wherever you look at.

4. Lesser-known destination- Hutridurga though is popular now as a trekking destination around Bangalore, is not so well-known as other treks like Madhugiri, Saavanadurga etc. And, there are very few people on the trekking trail any given day compared to other trekking places near Bangalore. So, you’ll have the entire trail mostly for yourself which is a good thing. Lesser the crowd, better the trek.

5. Endless photo ops- Hutridurga is a place that offers you endless photo opportunities. The ruins of the fort and the lush green grass on the hill make a great background for photos. Also, the stunning views from the peak of the hill can bring out the photographer in you.

Getting there

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