3 Reasons Why You Should Trek Madhugiri Hill

Madhugiri is a hill located in the town of the same name around 105 km from Bangalore. It is a popular trekking destination & is one of the must do one-day treks near Bangalore. It just takes around 2.5 hours to drive from Bangalore to Madhugiri & is a perfect weekend getaway from the city.

Madhugiri Hills Trek
Trekkers on the Madhugiri trek trail

Here are 3 reasons for you to grab your boots now & hit on the trek trail of Madhugiri,

1. 2nd largest monolith in Asia

Madhugiri holds the title of the second largest monolith in Asia. This single hill stands at a towering height of 1200 meters & is second only to another monolith, Saavanadurga which is also near Bangalore. And, being what it is, Madhugiri offers the visitors a challenging & thrilling trek.


2. History of around 350 years

The fort on Madhugiri hill which was built in the 17th century has seen many power struggles & is steeped in history. Originally built by Raja Hire Gowda in 1670, the fort was then conquered & ruled by Haider Ali before falling into the hands of the Maratha rulers in 1767 AD. The three gateways of the fort- Antaralada baagilu, Diddi baagilu & Mysore gate, the ruins of the fort walls & the Gopalakrishna temple ruins at the summit stand as a testimony to the history of the place.

3. Sweeping views of the rugged terrain

This is a highlight for anyone trekking up Madhugiri hills. The dramatic landscape around the hill with the town of Madhugiri, green fields, lakes & the rugged terrain with numerous other hills make the view from the peak of Madhugiri an amazing one. The sheer joy of the wind rushing against you while you stand cherishing the view from the peak makes the climb up the hill worth it.

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